Sourcing Global Ingredients. Locally.

MIFI is focused on the sourcing and distribution of food , nutritional, and pharmaceutical ingredients, including Clean Label, Non GMO Certified and Organic products. Our inventory of 1,000+ ingredients was developed with with one goal in mind - to add value to your portfolio.



As a global supply chain partner, Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. (MIFI) achieves excellence in the sourcing and distribution of food and nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients. Our world-renowned reputation and premier level of service in the food supply chain industry is based on our extensive technical expertise, innovative product solutions, a strong commitment to customer care, and thriving vendor relationships both close to home and around the globe.

Our commitment to excellence reflects our approach to creating value for our customers and delivering unparalleled products and services. We focus on the unique needs of every customer, refining our products and services to elevate your business. Among our many product offerings, our customized seasoning blends exemplify our strengths in formulation and applications. Through partnerships with R&D, we strive to deliver consistency in seasoning notes and flavor profiles for a wide range of applications, including meat, snack seasonings, sauces, dressings, side dishes, functional blends, and bakery mixes. This is just one example of how we remain committed to providing innovative product solutions for every customer, every time,

MIFI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.